Thursday Pedagogy 21.11.13

Well, my connection with Western culture is through movies, books and programs, but it certainly gives a little idea about the culture.

In our country its still not very common, marrying again after loss of a husband, men often marry more than once, but women rarely do. When men remarry they usually marry single women and its her headache to adjust with the step children, and if the kids and she is lucky they get along nice. Kids usually don’t have any say at all, in case of their father’s marriage.

as far as I collect from movies etc. the kids in western countries either have a real bad time after their parents remarry or they make the lives of their parents and step parents miserable when they remarry.

I personally believe that its perfectly alright to remarry if you feel like it, there is nothing wrong in it, because the kids will sooner or later grow up and leave you, live their own life, what about then? You may become really miserable if you are the family man/woman type! In case you lose your appeals to the opposite gender then you are doubly doomed, you will ache for a mate but wont get a nice one…

I think society needs a little change in mindset, first the people who are remarrying should try to accept their step children with the same love they have for their own born, and the children should realize the truth I said, they should think about the loneliness their parents will face when the nest will be empty- when they will fly away as they should.

Family means caring for each other, giving importance to everyone’s happiness..

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  1. A. the society in India has changed a lot over the last decade too.. lots of people are remarrying with children and the new spouse as well as kids are adjusting too. It helps if the kids are young.

    B. Men in India do not have the option of adopting kids (especially a girl child) – so if a man is single and not in the league of finding a pretty little thing, its difficult for them too. He has to adjust his expectations; the choices here are quite limited too ! And more often than not – the best option is to marry a lady with kids ! Most are doing so.. that’s what my experience says !

    … its no longer a Man’s world as much as one wishes to believe !

    1. its still quite amply a man’s world! i am yet to meet a man who has married a woman with kids and have accepted them in his life. i have met a few who have married widows/divorcees with kids but the kids have been left with their maternal grandparents.

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