Thursday Pedagogy 28.11.13

Ever wonder why people, especially men of conservative societies despise independent minded women? I used to do that a lot, because I have always had my own mind and am not even the least upset for that.

Most probably because they have been so habituated with placing in the higher pedestal, pampered as superior beings that it really hurts them bad when a woman rejects them or simply lets them know that she has a mind and body and they are hers only.

I have always been an eyesore of such men and women who think that women are meant to serve and please men to survive happily, either as a wife, mother, daughter, sister or lover. Their existence depends on men and the rules they have made for them. I kept away from them and would have loved it if they did the same, but they did not, their egos are too high to accept nonchalance, they take it as insult and try to make their offenders miserable- they succeed too, but only during tender age of their targets, sooner or later they just stop making any kind of impact. Their targets realize that they are happier without them.

When I was growing up I used to think that men hate independent women because they are uncommon, rare to find, but with age I realized that they are more jealous and scared than spiteful. They see their empire slowly slipping away to the hands of these women who are just not interested in them in any exploiting form, they force them to behave themselves or rot in their little ego made hells.

So they try to brand them in all sorts of ugly ways (in their eyes)- pedophile, hookers, or gay. They just cant admit that not every mind dwells in the land of blue films and ecstasy pills, there are people who actually look for compatibility in heart and mind before body- and they have the audacity of rejecting them.

It feels good to be a member of that group for sure. Its really tough but really peaceful in a country where majority of men believe that they are superior, they can do anything they want, and women are supposed to accept that without a fuss.

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  1. Lovely post Sharmishtha. I support and am a strong advocate of women who are strong in heart and mind and independent since I am one of the group that you belong to. It surely is brave to be a woman of substance in a country like India where more people follow traditions which support the superiority of men. Bravo and cheers to you for standing proud and independent. Take care and God bless my friend.

  2. I think you’re right on, they are threatened by anything that seems ready to topple the system where they are on top. It’s the same with race or economic conditions too, where whites (usually) or rich people fight or have fought hard against anyone trying to change the system.

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