Thursday Blog 28.11.13

The world just the way IT is to Sharmishtha Basu

I think Indian government is using the indirect method to force people believe in virtues of having single kids or staying single. Not marrying at all.

In India if you get married, chances are very high that it will be cheaper to get your spouse killed by some contract killer than to get divorced, because divorce is almost impossible and really expensive matter, forget about the ugliness that’s almost always accompanying it. No wonder too many people don’t want to marry, but now government is making living together tough too, often equating it to marriage- so if you enter a relationship with a person with firm intention of hooking it if things work out right, you may succeed with help of law, even if you have profusely promised him that no strings are attached and you are quite adult and independent in other senses.

Next coming having one or no…

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