Thursday Pedagogy 5.12.13

The rate at which human society is becoming complex it seems that the laws are not being able to keep up the pace. One of the greatest example is marriage related law in India.

When one reads the cases, witnesses the actual life one thinks that it really needs a serious change. In today’s world if you tie to two people together and keep them bound till they die or one of them dies chances are too high that one of them will crack and break rules. Will that be better? If a man goes astray either fooling his wife or ignoring her feelings will that be good for society or after a brief period of serious test let them part their ways, even if only one is desperate, not both. Why will the one who wants to get free will pay too dearly, that payment too should be just and this should be taken care that they are actually paid. In quite a few cases its seen that husbands walk away but don’t pay any alimony at all, the wife is in dire straits with the kids. I think if a husband wants to seriously walk away he should be allowed after a settlement of a just alimony varying with the cases whether the wife is homemaker/career woman and with/without kids.

Its really not very fair to chain two persons together and throw the key in ocean just because they made the mistake of marrying.

Too stupid, harsh laws of divorce in my opinion will only give rise to crime and immoral activities.



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