Thursday Pedagogy 12.12.13

There are some professions in this world, I quite sincerely believe that those who aim to join those professions should possess some ethics at least, the more the better.

The first set that comes into my are Judges, doctors, journalists, police, army, teachers and non fictional writers. These are the professions which are professions but because of their type they are more like service, not a money making activity. I would have loved to add religious and political activists and leaders too but …. did not dare to dream them in absolutely clean image.

Its true human beings are frail, but still, if we try and fail then its a different thing, after all, not everyone is capable of great or small sacrifices but if we become a doctor with one intention- make as much money as we can, no matter who pays the fees that feels disgusting, does not it? Or we become a journalist with the same intention, making my articles my personal ATM machine, who cares about truth? That will be a tragedy for humanity.

We human beings lately give too much excuses for our failure, our failure to become a better person, we cleverly hide the truth that if we try we can become better and not only that we can partially or totally rectify our past errors.

Sometimes excuses just dont work.

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  1. Ethics matter the most in any profession specially the ones outlined by you. If money gain becomes the objective for everything than society becomes too materialistic and humane element goes missing which is crucial for a good and caring society. Great thinking my friend. Take care and God bless.

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