Thursday pedagogy 26.12.13

How much does the surroundings effect our choices? I dont know about you, but it does mine sometimes. I still remember when I was a child i was quite eager to have a red dress, well once I had one but my siblings for some reason known to them hated that colour and they used to mock that colour so much, berated it so much that i could not wear that dress, even though i longed to.

In my late teen I was gifted another red dress, it met the same fate. Then I lost my interest in red dresses totally, the third red dress I got, well i did not required peer pressure for not wearing it. I gave it away at the first chance.

The same thing has happened to my favorite colour blue lately. Its my sheer bad luck that our chief minister is all bluey and so are her admirers. Ever since she became the chief minister she started painting the tinsel town blue and white including the public toilets. These days I am almost allergic to the colour. We human beings are truly byproducts of our surrounding barring some angels and demons I guess!

Does it happened to you too? You started disliking something due to too much influence of outside factors?

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