Thursday Blog 26.12.13

The world just the way IT is to Sharmishtha Basu

At present mostly we hear about governments is their lousy way of working, the present west bengal government has done one Herculean task in past and have done a really good job in recent, hope they will keep the second project alive and further extend it.

The first accomplished task was very well handing of idol immersion during various pujas, those you have not seen Kolkata during those days wont even imagine how chaotic and polluting it was in past, i have heard that they have succesfully curbed both things down properly.

The second is a great thing in my eyes, I have always felt very sad every time I had to dole out huge amount of money to buy vegetables 🙂 knowing all the while that the farmers who produce it starve, whereas the brokers rob us, mostly without any reason at all.

Recently the government is helping farmers…

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