I get you and not

I feel your anger, hatred, spite
they are so you!
I understand quite clearly
that you despise my very being
but I dont get why
are you someone who tried to rob me?
of something that was rightfully mine
for they are the only people I know
who bear and nurture grudge against me
and I dont get why
you just dont take a hike
and disappear in cyberworld
in place of singing in 101 tunes
hiding behind 1001 gravatars
how worthless, waste I am
sorry to say
your attempts fail miserably
because I know what I am
but you, my shadow
i wonder if you do!
and how miserably you waste
your precious time
in my world
that is almost oblivious of you!
but I get you have a fixation
that much again I do!

Sharmishtha Basu



    1. thanks Vishal, it is dedicated to a real life creature/s- they just are fixated on me, but dont have the guts to face me openly, just skulk like skunks spraying their ugliness in every possible corner. 😉

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