Thursday Paints 16.1.14

Poems, stories, paintings and more by Sharmishtha Basu

spiderweb 6 E1

Well, they are beautiful, are not they? and their creators are persistent as they can be! If I forget to clean up the webs from the windows any onlooker will think i dont clean them at all 🙂

Today (15.1.13) was the first day in the entire winter I felt winter, when I opened my door in the morning. Its windy and cloudy, as per natural rituals of West Bengal it was supposed to rain the previous week, right before the religious gather in Gangasagar (The meeting point of Ganges and Ocean) for their holy dip in freezing water, but mercifully nature spared them and it was dry.

Will it rain or wont it… well that is to be seen, it wont rain today, the cloud is not that heavy.

the thursday bandwagon is up at place, every second you spend on them is cherished and loved. So go ahead…

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