Thursday Pedagogy 23.1.14

1 Thursday pedagogy

Life truly is matter of choices, and that truth should be embraced with dignity. Sometimes choices are shoved on us, by people we are scared of or love, but mostly we make our own choice or should try to make our own choices, that way, the sense of taking responsibility of that choice will come too, sooner or later.

I have been one of those people, who get easily influenced by family members, come on, if you have been fed from every possible source- family, education, society that family members will never do you wrong, never harm you, forget about destroying you, abusing you or try to do evil things to you what else was I supposed to do? So I walked around in a snakepit, my eyes closed, firmly believing that if I am good myself, no bad will come to me, and after reaching a crossroad I realized that your family may not be your well-wisher at all, before you raise your eyebrow, look around you, and honestly answer you will agree too, that, sometimes some famillies are truly good, in some famillies some members are good, but there are bad family members, and absolutely toxif famillies too, in atleast equal proportion, so, blindly following family ties can be a sure way of ruining your life.

Those who are evil, or selfish or both wont give a hoot to blood relations, to them, their personal gain, safety, well-being is the only thing that matters, they will slaughter anyone who becomes a serious obstacle, threat or without least remorse they will reap benefits from anyone who sounds prospective, absolutely regardless of blood ties.

Fortunately, I will never have a child to bring up, I feel quite happy about that thing these days, I dont think I am least interested to fret over a child I will bring up with best values, and wonderr what will his or future be, what possible danger could be lurking for him or her in this world (even though children still are the best thing in the world to me, upto the age when they dont get influenced by people around them). But if I was a parent, teacher or had to teach a child the ropes of the world I would have taught him or her to make his or her own decisions with confidence, in place of letting others influence them too much, of course after thorough analyzation and then take their responsibilty, knowing that they may fail, but failing does not means the end of the world, every failure is a chance of improvement (almost every).

Coming to the topic of influences, have you ever noticed, how easily human beings get influenced by the bad advicers? People dont listen to the preaching man, but they promptly obey the corruptor, because evil people mostly have gifted gab and cunning mind, so the naive fall for their traps and then give excuses, try to justify that wrong action. If that corruptor is someone you trust, and is sly enough to hoodwink you, causing you harm, reaping benefits from you in one pretext or other, then you do have some excuse, after all, you were the one fooled, conned or harmed. But if that corruptor is motivating you to do something you know is corrupted, bad or evil, do you still have that excuse? Will you really be able to just move on? I truly wonder! So, dont ever let anyone con you into doing something that hurts your conscience, your conscience should be your main guide, because if you disobey your conscience it often takes bitter revenge, very bitter.

In today’s world, the sooner children learn this the better it is for them.



  1. I agree with you completely!
    Just because a person is related to you, that doesn’t mean that they are trustworthy.
    In all situations, and with all people—Trust your own intuition, trust your own conscience!

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