Thursday Blog 23.1.14

The world just the way IT is to Sharmishtha Basu

thursday blog log

Some of my stories, poems are really harsh about old men and women, quite a lot of my friends are old men and women, I have often felt this urge to share the source of my anger, source that I personally feel is enough to make me wary and quite furious with them, and their kindred souls.

first one who changed my mind was a man one year junior than my mother, that man, used to call one of his employees his own daughter to neighbours, all the time he was having an illicit relationship with her, when she became pregnant he first denied the fatherhood and then married her, he is the character Keshav in honeytrap. He taught me the bitter lesson, that there are men, sitting beside their own grave (age-wise) and yet corrupting every innocent soul that comes in their clutches, and trying to trap those who…

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