Thursday Paints 30.01.2014

Poems, stories, paintings and more by Sharmishtha Basu

fireshot 28.01.2014 45B E1

I have a cassette, recitation of works of one of my forever favorite poets Kazi Nazrul Islam, his son has done the recitations, in a piece, he says a thing, which when I first heard as a thirteen or fourteen year old was unable to grasp, now, after my own journey through pitch black I know how true he was- I will just roughly share the translation of those priceless words-

“I still remember the night when my son, piece of my heart died, my heart was shattering, breaking down to pieces yet I fully relished the fragrance of Jasmine (Hasnuhana – a variety of jasmine) that filled up the garden.”

In every dark, ugly phase of life we can embrace light, beauty – they are scattered all around us, all the time. Today’s picture is something like that, not dark or ugly but brainless destruction of a beautiful thing…

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