Thursday Pedagogy 13.2.14

4 Thursday pedagogy 31.1.13 CAWW

When a beast follows you around, or flitters around you, you can guess his or her intentions, it may be a harmless affection of a dog, or a harmless greed of a cat, a little forbidden pleasure of stealing your milk, fish when you are not around…

But when a man or woman shows up too frequently in your path, without any rhyme or reason, you start to wonder… whether it is just co-incidence, a harmless attraction or a devious emotion is the driving factor.

After all, human beings are the only creature on this planet whose activities can be bought by various means- money, fear, affection, hatred…

Alas, if only it was possible to gauge human beings as easily as one can understand other creatures of world.

Sometimes I too think that human beings are actually aliens, something not from this planet. šŸ™‚



    1. met too many of them, i feel truly blessed that I could finally rise above their muck and see that majority of people are better than those poisonous ghouls that just wont let me out of their clutches. even though my world is infested, controlled by their poisonous presence I know that their number is nothing in comparison to good people in world.

  1. The ever-changing world around us presents such challenges to us that it is logical to sometimes lose faith in humanity. But my friend like ancient times good and evil exist side by side and by using our knowledge and wisdom we will have to weed out evil not losing faith in goodness at the same time. Take care and God bless..

    1. unfortunately the “evil” who are infesting my world are too fertile, too strong to weed, and they are spread all across the globe, and for some unknown reason they are not ready to let me get out of their venomous shadow.

      but, i can guarantee you one thing- they dont have any power over my heart, soul and mind. I know there are good people in this world, there is nothing they can do to kill my loving heart. poor ghouls! they have tried for so many years…

  2. I very much enjoyed this read! I too wonder with the trillions of species of viruses that live here, if we’re not just another one of them that wandered in on a meteor and developed into the hideous creatures we are. What we need is a big light on our foreheads that flashes a big, red light on and off whenever we choose to lye,cheat,connive,rob,rape,murder or otherwise harm someone. Is there a Lawyer in the house?

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