Thursday Paints 20.2.14

Poems, stories, paintings and more by Sharmishtha Basu

beach w wheel  15.2.14 1

roller-coaster of
life taking turns


Weather Goddess is really frivolous this year, pouring rain, storm in UK, USA, prolonged winter (pretty welcome) in Kolkata- btw, are we approaching ice age or is it really global warming?

Hope she is not hiding real shockers in her bag!

We wont mind a little chill down here, hope she sends us some and you guys, freezing out there are blessed with some warmth, heat she was planning to share with us.

take care, have a wonderful time ahead, the thursday posts are right where they were to beā€¦thanks for reading them! I mean it from heart! Having friends like you in life, makes life a joy.


sign 16.2.14

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