Thursday Blog 20.2.14

The world just the way IT is to Sharmishtha Basu

thursday blog log

four things about succesful lovers- tell me if they are right or wrong, please! It will enrich my knowledge and may help others who are looking for it…

At first, I will sheepishly admit that I have never had any experience of this – I know quite a few who had one-sided crush on me, and I too had some on my part. But till date I cant call anyone my lover and am glad for it too, if later, I marry someone I will be able to boast that he is my first lover ha ha and a big grin.

So, after reading too many novels, watching too many serials and movies I have noticed four and more strong things about succesful lovers (those who get married at the end of the movie/story/serial).

1. Lovers, especially men look too much at the physical side, their lovers have to have…

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