Thursday Pedagogy 27.2.14

4 Thursday pedagogy 31.1.13 CAWW

How I hate to “trash” the extra comments made by my friends, myself. There are certain things that I dont much love, one of them is “trashbox” of wordpress, I so loved the good old “deleted” title for the deleted items. It is more dignified.

Just like that, I dont love to read writings insulting any country, culture, religion or race, I personally know (believe) that no one is perfect, so is no country, culture… so why try to target one? It is better to target our own, and try to rectify it then pointing out faults in others in a silly attempt to glorify one’s own tattered boat.

Of-course we all have right to read whatever we want to, but we should not expect others to read whatever we write. There is the “freedom to write” and “Choice of choosing what I will read” šŸ™‚

I often wonder about people who have cultural clashes with blogging friends, none of my friends say derogatory things about my country, culture, religion and I am grateful for that, honestly, if I read such things in someone’s blog who is neither Indian, nor a resident of India, I back off from that blog! I personally firmly follow the policy of “respect and demand/expect respect in return”.

As for me, I have found my best friends from outside India, mainly christians and muslims, hindus came later, but before that my christian and muslim friends have healed my battered heart (That was a gift from my real life specters- mostly hindus and alll indians ha!). So, all I can say is my heart is full of gratitude for them, and I really dont appreciate people who speak very ill of them too, unless of-course that person is of that religion.

sign 16.2.14



    1. I know, once someone wrote in my blog that Ram did not dumped his pregnant wife in forest, he dumped her “fake”, “the maya sita”; honestly anyone who dumps his pregnant wife in forest is not even a human being in my eyes, forget about being the “ideal man”.

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