Thursday Pedagogy 3.4.14

It’s election time here… in blazing hot summer that decided to show up quite early, but, later than previous year, when it decided to show up in February, a month before this year. Somehow it hints that the weather pattern has changed, because after that full fledged summer, we had a super filling monsoon and a very delightful winter. Hope Her Excellency dear mother earth will be kind this year too. Now, I am not talking abot impulsive mother earth. She is a harmless soul. I was pondering about politicians.

How easily they lie!
How shamelessly they lie.
How they change their colours and swallow their own words, actions so brazenly.
How they become ruthless shameless monsters or worthless right after they are elected.
How many ways they use to grab the vote, everyone equally appalling mostly.

Can you remember any other type of human beings doing it?



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