Thursday pedagogy 8.5.14

While watching all the lies and truths being spoken in the name of election campaigning, one thought that comes up to my mind is we, the veterans know the truth, but what about those who dont know? I rarely discuss politics in my blog, but a few weeks ago I had some discussions with a fb guy, he was trying to compare the situation of west bengal under our previous government to other states of the country.

Outsiders simply dont have any inkling of the level of hell they have created in this state. The reason must be their total control of media, these days media is blabbering their heads off about rigging and atrocities but where were these people in previous regime? I hate politics, and no I dont vote for any political party, and I know that the present government certainly is not “perfect” but I wont even compare them to the previous ones.

No matter how many lies are spoken by political mouths, we, who have suffered the previous government know very well how much the very environment has changed.

One thing is for sure, I will never trust Bengali media channels. I am rather content with my Hindu (newspaper) journalism. That newspaper is actual newspaper.

But, we do sometimes like to read or hear some honest journalism from the same province.




  1. Siddhartha became the Wise One after seeing death. It is much easier for us – all we have t do is read the daily news papers for some time!!

  2. I never trust one media for news has it may have bias. Read 2 – 3 different one and you might be able to form an unbiased opinion from all the junk.

    Whatever might have been the situation in the previous regime – I simply cant take in the lady in the helm presently, because of what I saw her doing live in front of me. One thing is for sure I don’t like autocrats and snobs. And that goes for all those who were, are and will be in power.

    1. in toto these are lot better than predecessors, boy they were something! they reduced bengalis to nothing! I too dont like any political party but our ex rulers are on top of my list along with narendra modi.

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