Thursday pedagogy 15.5.14

There is a proverb in India, that says killing the teacher by the skill learnt from him, it may not be literal all the time, often it is symbol of destruction.

Human beings have mastered this skill quite ironically.

They learned flying from birds, and now their flying threatens birds, by the sound and emissions.

They learned sonar skills from whales and now they are muddling up their behavioral patterns.

How much damage one single species can cause an entire planet… human beings might rank top if we go on a galactic search in future.

I wonder in other planets, that have life, are there any other examples of a species as intriguing as human being, with so much knowledge but due to brazen abuse that knowledge is harming everyone around them.




  1. Unbridled consumption obviously leads to this state of affairs. Years ago in my visit to US and stay in a motel, it was hear-breaking for me to see those paper-cups, soap cakes being discarded everyday and fresh supplies made. Sign of being brought up in a shortage economy? 😉

    1. i too am a bit kanjoos in these fields, i prefer reusable stuffs and soaps like dettol (handwashes- that come in a bottle with squeezer) which can be handed over from user to user without passing on infection.

  2. Lots of people don’t care for each other – How can they care for other forms of life?
    Sadly – it’s all about power & money.

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