Thursday Pedagogy 22.5.14

Love is a very powerful emotion. People who think it is weak are naive. Love is like river, no matter how many obstacles pop up in its way, no many how hard things become, it will keep flowing, nurturing.

Love should be spontaneous, without any pretension. Because love cant pretend, it is either there or not. It knows no game to play with the heart of the one it loves. It gives in without holding back.

Love is something which only the heart in which it resides can truly feel, and sometimes those who earnestly try to feel it can feel it in another. So, never let others tell you what is love and what is not. Because too much chattering confuses heart.

Love is a gem which only rare lucky people possess knowing its worth, and relishing it. Most of us get it, but usually dont reciprocate it and let the gem slip away from our hands, like sand, to never return again.




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