Thursday Pedagogy 29.5.14

Any man, society that tells another, or another group of human beings that knowledge and freedom is not good for them, or they are not worthy of acquiring these two things are cowards and liars.

Century after century women have been conned by these self-important bullies, who were so scared that they will lose control that they used both measures the chain and the opium.

Whenever they will lose this control they will go insane. They say if women are well read and free they will bring havoc on the society, in reality the only thing that will be harmed by that liberty is their slavery system.

If we look around we will see that the societies that have mistreated women heinously are the ones most against it, and it improves with the rising ratio of treatment. So, women should understand one thing, these people want their own good, not of the society and certainly not of women.




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