Thursday Pedagogy 5.6.14

Ever wondered about these restless people, who hover about the realms, sad- sometimes rightfully, sometimes not, desperate to dampen every heart they come across.

In a group of a friends, they will target the most popular or sweet one, and then try to ruin that person’s rapport, either by corrupting that person or by corrupting the hold that person have on others, not because they want to be that person, they know that they dont have that charisma, all they want is people of that group mope, like s/he is.

When a town is celebrating Christmas, Durgapuja or other things, like a sports, entertainment events, they will climb the podium and start sharing leaflets about starving kids, making everyone feel guilty for being happy.

Are these people truly jealous (in first case) or caring (in the second case) or they just hate to see others happy? Even if they are perfect stangers.




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