Thursday Pedagogy 19.6.14

When an armyman refuses to fight war, he is branded as a traitor and court-marshalled why is not the same treatment given to those who take a vow to serve a cause and then betray that?

In a cold, calculating cunning manner keep betraying that cause?

Our present society depends a lot on media, to feed our hunger for news around the world, but are they truly worthy of trust? I wonder that… if you are an ex newspaper addict like me you will know. The point is, how many people really know that these people pretend to be “seekers for truth” cash upon some who have laid down their lives in that battle and then write for money- simple money.

At-least that is my opinion of Indian media, I have read all the leading newspapers of India, and that has taught me one thing, dont trust any of them totally when it comes to information, I will rather go to BBC or some other channel when I want to know the actual condition in India šŸ™‚

The thing that saddens me is these papers for money, or bribe slowly, deliberately misguide people and help the corrupts have their way.





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