Thursday Pedagogy 26.6.14

Why do action movie directors try to show women as stupid? to give their heroes a more macho image? saving themselves and their dim-witted pretty babes?

As a woman it really infuriates me to see those beauties without brain strutting around doing the things which a dog wont do in those circumstances…

Right now I am watching waterworld, and in it a woman shots a harpoon (the ones which are tied to the boat with iron ropes) at an aeroplane carrying hostile barbarians… come on! give me a break! she was not teleported to that world, she has been surviving there, dragging along a small kid with her, so, what was she trying to do? bring down a burning plane on the boat in waterworld? where that boat was there lifeline and home?

From where do they get the inspiration of these women?



  1. I guess the exception that proves the rule would be Katniss Everdeen, perhaps the most iconic and admirable character of recent years in movies. Also, I was very impressed when I saw “American Hustle” that the Amy Adams character clearly was the strongest in the movie. If you want to go back in time to 1977, check out “Julia” with two strong and amazing performances by Vanessa Redgrave (Oscar winner) and Jane Fonda (Oscar nominee). It will give you an idea of what would be possible–and it’s a great flick, too!

      1. Perhaps you’d be interested in something I posted about Katniss. And about Julia.

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