Thursday Pedagogy 3.7.14

Past memories- some people want to go back to those days, I never was one of them, I guess past could never make that impact on me, I always enjoyed the present, without much thinking about tomorrow, that I should have done and never pining for the past… that I think what helped me into enjoying present more, and looking forward to future.

Some memories in past are amazing, priceless, but when we move away from a place in life that means we can no longer stay there, fortunate for me I only move away when staying there is futile, so even if I can turn back the clock I wont go back there, because that will certainly mean either reliving that experience which took it away or not enjoying that experience at all, with new found knowledge, experience… so why ruin that sweet piece of painting hanging on walls of memory castle? Bringing a smile whenever you look at it?




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