trees 3

earthscape 3  5.9.12

Had to change the uniform
sari was a bit troublesome
when you are climbing tree
within five minutes of return
the climbing expedition started
higher and higher we went
looking for ripe guavas
our greatest eyesores were
hordes of monkeys
the regular raiders
of the tree
parrots and squirrels were few
but monkeys were so many
a single raid meant
everything gone for a week

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    1. I will say I have other experience about them, courtsey to the fruit trees monkeys used to visit our home on a regular basis, during my final years there, i have hand fed them, they used to sit like well behaved kids and accept food items from not only me but my brother, my cousin sister and her small niece. Maybe langurs are better behaved than smaller sized monkeys, they are notorious for scratching I have heard.

    1. šŸ™‚ those poor things are the rightful owners of those fruits i guess.. with age i stopped being mad at them šŸ™‚
      after all, a tree gives more than a family can eat, we never sold the fruits why will we? Most of the people had trees in their homes, so no distributing required, neighbours did not bothered for our permission, they plucked whenever they could… so what possible nuisance could those harmless creatures cause- they only wanted their tummies full.

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