Thursday Pedagogy 31.7.14

My elder brother was the nightmare of anyone who loves living creatures, he used to waste an ample amount of his salary on buying living creatures and killing them (by neglect or bad keeping).

One of them was a monkey. He bought it and used to keep it chained to a tree near our front verandah.

That poor thing used to slip out once in a while, and heaven only knows why he used to return! Most probably because he was dependent on human beings.

Any way, he had a strange way, I dont know why, I never mistreated him but never went near him either, not much, because I have seen him scratching others 🙂 But every time after his escapade, he used to come to me and allow me to chain him, no one else in that house. I wonder why!

Maybe he knew that I wont force that chain on him ever… if he ran I wont stop him! 😦

I wish he had!

People often think that monkeys, especially the larger ones are by nature hostile to human beings. I will beg to differ. That monkey was the first experience with simian kind.

Later when we were grown ups and no longer were interested to hate langurs because they wiped our fruit trees almost clean we tried the other thing, feeding them.

herds of monkeys used to come to our house, looking for fruit trees, which were quite ironically chopped off by that same sibling of mine, they still used to come and I used to feed them vegetables, alongwith my brother, my cousin sister and her niece. Dont smirk, my oldest grandkid is only fourteen years junior than me. I have not seen him, he lives in USA with his mother. But he was born when I was fourteen.

Anyway, back to monkeys, those monkeys used to sit patiently and accept the vegetables from us, from our hands, three women and a man… they dont show much ferocity towards women either 🙂

nor kids, because my niece was four or so years old i believe….




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