Thursday pedagogy 7.8.14

Israel and Palestine both should calm down and think about the reality. Being a human being I can neither blame jews for accepting a bizarre offer to settle in a land that was not theirs, to occupy it without the consent of locals, i have seen a movie, in that it was shown that Israel was occupied by power, and a force stayed there for years to keep it that way.

But, after the hatred and torture jews faced almost all over the world it was but natural that they would have preferred a place they could call their home, that was not a sin, was it?

But they should remember with humillity that the land was occupied by force. So the locals have right to grumble and they will… being human beings.

On the other hand, those who are continuing to shed blood should pause and think, is not it a little late to keep killing others? After all, killing will invite more killings and nothing can be gained out of it.

They should try to live with each other in peace and harmony. Try to stop the killing of innocents once and for all! For ever!



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