Fantasy 8.8.14

old building 1

This was once the house of dreams, Mr. Ghosh, sorry Raybahadur Debdulal Ghosh has built this house in Kolkata, a hundred or so kilometers away from his ancestral village home to bring up his kids in Kolkata.

Then came the independence war, the turmoil thereafter, naxalites and the new government. Lucky for Raybahadur he was long gone. His grandkids lived in USA, because they have learnt a harsh lesson that there was no place for merit test to get what you deserve in modern India, unless you can buy it by some devious means or are damn lucky. Being truly meritted and rich and upto a great limit dignified they decided they should relocate to a place where talent and merit is enough.

When they were handed over the notice that their house has been taken over by the government to give homeless a home they did not bothered to file a case against it, even though their neighbours told them that it was infact taken over by the local MLA for personal use.

Later when the house was handed over to the local MLA and he sold it off to property dealers at a huge bargain then too they did not bothered to show up… what was the use?

Seven Sentence Story 3.4.14



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