reality 10.8.14

old building 1

This photograph was taken from one of the windows of a fraudulent institute, I joined this institute, wasted 30,000 rupee and six months there and walked out empty handed.

Yeah, call me a fool, weakling if you want to I dont care, but being born and brought up in an environment where we are not taught to claw the eyes out of those who dare to steal our food, belongings I still cant act like a ferocious cat- the best way to behave in India.

If I could I would not have been sitting in a rented house.

The question that pops up in my mind again and again is how much commission do these institutes give the local police stations and other big bodies?

I will never believe that no one has complained against them in police. I have fantastic respect for Indian police department so I did not wasted my time, because if they were earning their bread I would not have been sitting in Kolkata, in place of that I would have been living in my own home. But not everyone is so experienced with nonchalance, corruption of police department I believe.

Seven Sentence Story 3.4.14



    1. it was a big jolt in my life- the final stab that made me decide to give up jobhunt in this **** after all one single woman cant fight against a gang of hookers and their friends and wellwishers… glad that my brother is an angel.

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