Thursday Pedagogy 21.8.14

Ah! It sometimes really gets on your nerves when people whose name has been flaunted all over the media for quite illegal type of things all of a sudden become patriots. Start preaching about “voting” as a sign of patriotism, ofcourse it is easy to go and vote and then take bribe and do all sort of filthy things.

Or using only Indian thingies starting from books to cold drinks 🙂 whereas their own kids study in foren schools and they take a foren trip every month at the max. These gyans are for ordinary people, to tell them how much more patriot they are than the ordinary people, that is why they brag and we listen. Boy their audacity sometimes gets on your nerves.

It reminds me one of the cat that drank the cream and feigned innocence.

Human beings often forget that people do have a power called memory.

But these are the times when one starts to wonder if they are fool or blind.




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