Thursday pedagogy 4.9.14

An impudent suggestion to senior citizens- aging with dignity is a very beautiful thing. There is nothing wrong with growing old, there is nothing wrong with dying your hair or not, it becomes vulgar or funny when you dye your hair and pretend that you are thirty years old. There is a beauty in the confidence and grace that mostly comes with age, embracing it makes people more beautiful. Youth has its own beauty and age has its own. Acting otherwise is just acting, it mostly doesnot works out well.

A suggestion to young ones, dont be arrogant, people who have been around for more than decades have learnt something extra than you, maybe not in every sphere, but most probably in some spheres, so, dont ignore their words, tomorrow you may regret your arrogance, so why not give their experience the respect that deserves!




    1. being a small town girl i have seen people accepting age with quite grace, they were never scared of aging, but here in kolkata people feel that they become socially rejected if they are old and often try to hide that, it can not be covered with makeup or other stuffs. who cares if sean connery’s head is full of white hair? he looks more dashing than he looked when he was young 🙂

      As for young people well they are stupid mostly, i was too, used to think i know everything 🙂

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