Thursday pedagogy 25.9.14

If you watch the politicians and some tycoons and have read the history in your graduation text books you will see how similar they are, yet every thing that the royals did was wrong in their eyes. The royals were tyrant (like Hitler), they were communal (like all the politicians who count votes through communal riots), they were usurpers (like the MLAs who become kings from rags).

The royalty is gone, yet these politicians try to use them as their favorite targets often. They whine and complain against these royalties even though they no longer exist.

Is it something else?

They have realized after doing everything they did that they cant be royals?



    1. the only thing is the kings were mostly a bit scared of God, in modern age our new tyrants are not much scared of God and they have the armies of huge countries as their servants. Its quite debatable when people were better off!

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