Thursday Pedagogy 2.10.14

In real life and in cyberworld I have faced the problem of stalking in its all ugliness. There is not much to say about its intensity but only this much that they made me believe that if there were demons in this world, like Lorraine and Ed Warren said they will run off if they meet human beings, I swear!

The people who intrigue me more are those who stay in my life adamantly, without any interest or open expression of hostility, wherever I go, whatever I do they become a part of it, if not using their own name then fake ones. But they are not even remotely interested in “me”, yet they dont move on like so many of them have.

Some people have become treasured friends through all these years and some has stayed like this- part of my shadow. No matter how hard I try, these people do make me uneasy.

I cant imagine following around a person without rhyme or reason, maybe that is why these people make me uneasy or maybe I have been bitten too many times by these stalkers so they stir up old feelings.

Because my stalkers are not like you or me, when i tell you they are demon incarnated you should better believe it, they dont have any human qualities in them, but they use amazing masks, if you meet them then you will be charmed, if you mess with them or hurt their sky-high vanity or business prospects you will know how demons are; and I know they keep a tab on my online activities, after all, it concerns their business prospects, so I just cant shake off the feeling that some of these maybe them, the ones that are so hesitant to celebrate with me, the ones whose sweet words sound to be poison laced! The ones …




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