Thursday Pedagogy 9.10.14

Why do some people try to prove they are really dumb very earnestly or may be I am just a believer.

Recently I watched a program in which a person could make rappers blush when it came to speaking quickly, i never had a doubt about his capabilities of-course the anchor was quite a skeptic before being convinced by modern gadgets that the guy could actual speak real fast.

I posted my works in a stupid site named for a couple of months, yesterday when i was checking my email i read a mail from one of their admins, a woman named jodi stating that 500 words can’t be read in 30 seconds or less so she thinks I am getting my votes from readers in wrong methods.

so, i tested my own reading capacity on those chapters and it took 10 to 15 seconds to finish them. These stupid people dont know stories are not memorizied they are felt (most probably she used to memorize and regurgigate during exams, too many do, so was incapable to understand the capacity of human brain of filling up the gaps!)

As for that “all knowing” dumb bimbette I even have witnesses for my reading speed, once a cousin of mine challenged me about my reading speed and I finished a 24cmx17cm 500 page book (in really small fonts) in a day, he even asked me some random questions from the book to know I have read it!

cant they just keep that stupidity hidden?

So, in a site where authors act like a pack of dogs, keeping in a tight cluster, where some authors keep getting votes with readers clearly mentioning that they “read all chapters and voted”, where sloppy stories go sky-rocketing and others are not read, where authors can form packs but “you cant bring your friends along” that is not allowed – in my dictionary these people are called dumb buffoons 🙂




    1. she was really mean, nasty and liar. 😦

      we meet these people all the time, after all she might be just a teenager running a site. who can say?

      I can read really fast, but if you ask me to quote from my favorite books I wont be able to say, i can tell you how it made me feel, what parts i like best but i often forget the names of the stories too 🙂

      I wont be able to quote from books I have read more than twenty times. I usually feel the stories, movies or music.

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