mockery of forgiveness


Do they mock at this virtue? Or they want to make their victims or the victims of their kith or kin make feel guilty, as bad as they are just because they could not forgive the perpetrators?

Sometimes the wicked imp in my head says exactly that, we all know that good people in this planet mostly walk alone but the followers of devil always join force- one of the greatest tragedy of human civilization. So maybe they just scratch each other’s back or mock the actual forgiving people by mimicking them or just want to make their comrades feel good by making their victims feel bad!

I have never been good at understanding twisted mind but they certainly are good food for thought.

What do you think?



    1. met these people so many times! they still could not kill the idiot in me that prefers trust and love over suspicion and hatred. I still meet every stranger with love, trust and respect till they convince me that they are not worth it!

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