Thursday Pedagogy 23.10.14

I have often told you about these cheap creeps that have been following me around for years, those who almost made me stop blogging by stealing my works before I could publish them.

They used to steal from my hard-disc while I was online, when i prevented them from that joy by storing my works in removable hard-disks they went for the scheduled posts, then right when I was thinking about stopping scheduling posts an idea popped up and i started publishing them in my pages before scheduling them.

Now these idiots must be busy stealing from other people too, so they cant waste all their time in my blogs, most probably they rotate in cyberspace, robbing from one blog to the next. so one showed up after a while, and that one picked up a story and published it in it’s blog after full overhaul of-course. Before mine was published in open post. I wrote it in the page on 13th, the page is hidden, it published it’s overhaul on it’s blog on 16th and mine is published in my blog on 20th. Now, anyone reading both blog will think that I am the plagiarist, even though I have proof that my story was written before. Because wordpress saves every minute change you make. Even if you change a word it is saved.

Still it will be able to convince quite a few that it wrote first! 😦

I tried to look from some way of blocking it’s I.P. address from accessing my computer/I.P. address but could not find one.




    1. yeah, you can call these books my attempt. these ghouls are not visible any more, much, they have done what they wanted to and are just lurking in the shadows or not. Maybe enjoying their bloodsoaked wealth. Its been quite a few years I have been sitting at home, so they must be busy harassing others.

      But as we know it’s easy to leave a job but it is really tough to get a decent one after a long gap of unemployment. In India unemployment rate is scary. So they can grin their heads off on this only one account, or if they count that they have ruined every relationship in my life, unfortunately God compensated for human beings in my life, so in that sphere I am having a really big last laugh, but self dependence does means a lot to me, always did. That is why I am trying this- maybe if i share a set of books they will make mommy earn her bread πŸ™‚

      Pray for them! With all your heart. πŸ™‚

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