Thursday Pedagogy 30.10.14

A few days ago I was out shopping. A casual query lead to a discussion with a shopkeeper. He remarked that I look like a highly educated person, I must be a school teacher. I answered that I was not, I was unemployed. He must have thought that I was a lazy bum who preferred sitting at home than working outside.

If only I could share the stories of the offices I tried to work in, the environment, the hygiene, the co-workers and bosses!

Internet may be a very abused thing worldwide but in my case it has been a mixed bag. In one hand it has given a bunch of poisonous ghouls the access to monitor my activities on the other hand it has actually given me the courage to try again, challenging all the adversities to make my own living.

Sitting here in India I can try to get my works sold in any place of world, that will give my Indian ghouls a really tough time! Even if I dont make money I have made something else which certainly hurts them a lot, a group of priceless friends and a hobby that keeps me happy and busy day in and day out.

Life is never simple, single coloured or single-tracked- every drop has millions of colours and tracks emerging from it. 🙂 You get a mixed dish of everything.




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