Thursday Pedagogy 6.11.14

Just a few days ago I wrote a poem about our search for saints, and my honest opinion about them, that I feel truly sad for them, it must be really painful to have a heart like that in this world, which is so hell-bent to destroy every thing that is innocent or pure (quite mostly, if not always).

A friend of mine left a comment saying it hurts like hell when you thing someone is a saint and then they turn out to be toxic.

I know what he was talking about! Have studied in that school for years. Lesson after lesson did not convinced this brain that human beings are just human beings, there are multiple faces attached to them, all equally living, breathing, talking… they use one face at one place, or multiple faces all the time!

A man monster to you maybe an angel to his own family, in true sense, not feigning to be an angel. Someone who wont flinch to slaughter you for nothing may not even raise his voice when admonishing the people he loves! Such is human nature, so, the less we expect from it the better that will be for us.




    1. my own life is my greatest teacher, I have seen all sides of human beings, from the most beautiful to the ugliest possible I guess. That is why I am happier when they are a meter or two away from me and outside a locked door ….

      You know this question has haunted me for years, that how could this men/women harass a girl who is younger/ than his/her kids, sometimes as old as grandkids, then I realized that there are people who can do anything to save themselves and their own, and they are not some horned, pointy tailed demons or devil possessed creatures- they are normal human beings.

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