Thursday Pedagogy 13.11.14

Well my brother calls me conspiracy theorist, I dont give a hoot to his opinion but I do try to dig everything till i get an answer satisfactory to mysel, and dont accept anything blindly. Always keep my mind wide open, ready to accept every rational explanation.

So, I have watched “The Last temptation of christ” and “Da vinci code”, now there is an old scroll that says what has been told in “The Last temptation of Christ” partially, that Jesus Christ actually married Mary Magdalen the prostitute, the thing that intrigues me is if he actually did married someone and had kids then why is this eagerness to hush it up?

Was it because Marie Magdalen was a prostitute? The society then and now could not digest it?

Most prophets were married, had kids, so what? That was the normal thing back then- to marry, raise kids!




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