Thursday Pedagogy 27.11.14

When conservationists say that “Family” is important when it comes to wedlock, the rebels mock them, taunt them, well, I have seen and quite firmly believed that lineage indeed is quite a factor when it comes to a person’s nature, behaviour- if not always then mostly.

Now scientists are singing the same song, the song which we conservationists have “Studied” or “felt” long ago and believe in, scientists are saying that “memories” too are carried from one generation to the next by genes.

So, if a family has been practicing all sort of classy things for generations (read aristocrats) then chances are quite high that their kids will follow that path? eh?

BTW it does rhymes with the stories of “memories of previous birth” does not it?

Anyway, in my (ex) family lineage always came before any other thing, including money when it came to marriage- guess they were scientifically right too!




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