Thursday pedagogy 4.12.14

Sometimes people do show us the right path, dont they? Well being a horror fanatic I have read Amityville horror as a thirteen or fourteen year old I believe, in bengali. Then read four books in my twenties, watched one movie too.

How many versions have been told about that horrible incident, which most probably just the outburst of a mentally disturbed boy or a pair of really disturbed siblings!

How we love to guess every possible explanation, starting from logical to absolute insane, forgetting totally we are talking about a family, including some small children, who were slaughtered by someone they totally trusted!

We do sometimes cross the limits of humanity when we are speculating!




    1. I was quite embarassed to realize that I too simply ignored the fact that the only fact available was a gruesome murder of innocent people, including small children 😦

      Human mind is so distracted by smoke screens!

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