Thursday Pedagogy 11.12.14

Two months into self publishing and I am really enjoying the journey so far. In fact, I have stopped sending my works to publishers after October. Don’t think I will. I will rather let the readers accept or reject my works.

There is only one big drawback in self-publishing- the selling part.

Recently I was reading the blog of a lady, who wrote a book “Wings of darkness”, she was really upset about this episode. Honestly, with too little friends (like me) it is tough to give your works a boost, to make readers notice it.

The internet is an ocean of books- starting from classics that are hundred years old to the book that got added 1 minute ago.

So brace yourself with that reality if you are venturing on your own like me, without no friend in real life who will help in WOM sphere. All my friends are in cyberspace and they are just like me, writers, so I never expected anything from them and got pleasantly surprised again and again by them buying my books. But with that dawned a reality- those who have expectations from their book (unlike me) should first build their prospective readers, then announce their book in advance, give small snippets without ruining the story or telling everyone what is in the book, then publish it and after that publicise it everywhere he or she could (with the dignity of a writer).

The tax of self publishing is selling! It is a torment for bashful people, who dont like to talk about their own works, so brace yoruself or embrace a friend who wants to sell but cant write, form a union and dont cheat each other!

Help other writers! It wont harm you, even if that person is without any sense of gratitude, just add the name of your book with his/her works, so that they share the limelight when they hit the book-ocean. That way it wont be a total loss.

Review the works of others and try to get yours reviewed too! That is really good for the health of your book.

All the best rookies!



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