“The Lotus of Fire” in createspace, kindle

the lotus of fire 2

Well, finally took the plunge and am absolutely curious to see how many hearts I win. 🙂

The Lotus of Fire is up in kindle too, here:




The book id is (ASIN: B00O8M3O5E) I think if you alter the amazon address to your local amazon site address you will locate the book.

You will find it in paperback here:


the petals of fire lotus

This is the book that was supposed to be the solo book but did not. Anyway, it is cheaper, thinner ebook. With 30 plus poems with illustration in colour.


Do check them out and let me know anything you want to say.

love and hugs.



  1. Well you know, you already have my heart: slippery little devil! I don’t use Kindle because it wants to charge me for everything and I don’t use credit cards. I have a much more user friendly Reader called: Well I forget what it’s called now, but someday I’m going to learn to read… My cat typed this for me… Could you manage a sample page so I at least know what a Lotus flower on fire is all about? Thanks for arousing my curiosity anyway. I’m dumping Windows 8 for Windows 7 next week because when I try to load anything in Windows 8, it asks me if I’d like to order a Pizza instead. Oh I remember the Reader now. It’s Goo Reader, made specifically for Dummies! Very user friendly :O)

    1. KIndle do gives a free reader 🙂 as far as I have noticed in their site. You dont have to pay anything for that, but I have not clicked the link, but they walk their talk on other grounds, so…. Ok, I will make a medley of my works in all four + one books and share it in a page!

      It is about God and beauty, just a little trip in religious spiritualism I can say! Apart from that beauty of this planet.

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