Thursday Pedagogy 25.12.14

christsmas 2014

Have a blessed Ghristmas and next time you hate an “immigrant” just because they are immigrants, think about the true spirit of Christmas!


So many countries are having so much ruckus about “immigrants”, honestly, India is always a good target for the neighbouring countries, so being an Indian I guess one becomes habituated to this issue.

The citizens of wealthy countries are always target of poor people of other countries, if we look back, we have to simply admit that that is what human beings have been doing since they walked out of their caves 😉 looking for greener pastures, better fields, then they started looking for wealthier countries…

That is what is happening now too. The people from poor, starving countries heading for richer countries.

Now, we Indians let them be, sometimes they are sent back but mostly not, a policy all countries can try to adapt with a little discipline I guess. Sharing is always good if it is fair- that is both parties will be dealt justly!




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