Thursday Pedagogy 15.1.15


A quest
A journey

What is it to you? To me it is a journey, one time journey. Ever since my late teens, that is, when I actually gave some serious thought to “human existence” I never felt that “rebirth” or existence after death is possible, I have ever since treated human body as a “one time gift” given to us.

As a child my first ambition was to become a train driver, next one was a sailor and third was become a gypsy. With age came common sense and the sad realization had I been a man I might have taken my pick but being a woman with a normal mindset (not too daring) I have to confine myself inside the safety of “lakshmanrekha-the boundary drawn by society”.

Then with age came the wisdom that I can be all three in the confines of the lakshmanrekha, all I will require is full freedom of imagination, mind, heart.

Thereafter I have allowed Musie, my muse to gallop with cowboys, travel with captain nemo and captain James T. Kirk sitting in my home (mostly lying in my bed).

What is life to you?




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