Thursday Pedagogy 22.1.15

“Guru” the teacher, or in deeper sense “The ultimate teacher”.

I never felt that level of devotion/trust/allegience for anyone but God in my life, not after my unwelcome dose of reality that turned me into self-dependent personality but ever since my earliest childhood. When my behaviours were mostly obedient but my mind always weighed the actions of teachers, who were but human beings in the scale of “justice, wisdom” etc.

I was quite relieved when after following my inner guide mostly for decades when I stumbled upon a preaching by Buddha, who clearly told his disciples to follow their own heart, wisdom and inner teacher not him.

Do you have “one” “Guru” I have too many of them, I absorb a bit from them all, but in the end I have only two serious teachers, “God (read it as conscience)” and “life (read it as reality)”.




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