Thursday Pedagogy 29.1.15

“consent” and “making one’s own decision”.

These two birthrights have been robbed for so many centuries from women that in some societies, even after knowing that women have full rights to choose/reject/accept things that are about to influence their lives society still expects, hopes or demands that they go by the ancient flow.

Let us share some examples to further elaborate-

A young woman wants to become a singer, her family forces her to get married, she gets married but never loves her husband, or the kids that come one after another, she lives a miserable, long life, her kids grow up without any touch of affection from their mother.

Another woman wants to become a singer, her family allows her to become a singer, she becomes a celebrity, she was forced to marry as per the rules but her path with her husband wander so far away that they separate. She lives a full, content life without a husband or child.

Which one do you think a woman of present age desire?

example 2:

A teenager is fooled into or forced into a roll on hay and she becomes a mother. She gives birth to a child absolutely unwillingly, neither loves him nor hates him, mostly thinks him a burden, an obstacle to her re/marrying, brings him up, having fling with one man after the other, the child grows up watching his mother going lower and lower into depth of muck, after all, that is where easy women go in human society, too many hands tug from there. The child grows up with too much negative examples. What will he become when he grow up? Will he thank his mother for giving him birth?

A teenager becomes pregnant and is absolutely against it and goes for an abortion. She moves forward, later marries, raises a family. Late at night maybe she curses herself for the unborn child or have forgotten him. But the child is spared from pain and suffering of the child stated above.

What do you think? That women should start practicing their own rights or not?



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