I have finally returned with a new book “The charons”


Even though my internet connection expired out of the blue on 16/1/15 while I was still in Kolkata it did not prevented my book to get published. But, that was not least funny because I could not share the links, so I publicized it in one blog only, the only blog I could access through my monster of a connection phone internet, mydomainpvt.wordpress.com, I have kept it alive from februrary, after shifting to Hyderabad I mean. It took another month to get my normal internet connection back, and I am still swimming furiously to cross the “pending cyber stuffs” ocean, the shores are not yet visible. Hoping will reach somewhere by Mid April.

Till then buy my books if you are missing my writing make this poor, struggling author happy. šŸ™‚

the link for my latest book, the charons-


some reviews my friends did (God bless their angel souls):


the charons


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