Thursday pedagogy 16.4.15

Why do people expect or hope that life will be all about chocolates and roses? What will happen to thorns and lemons then?

Being born under Saturn’s influence things never came easy to me, too often rightful things have been snatched away, the contrary has happened in lesser frequency- surprise rewards without earning I mean.

But that changed my mindset to super positive, when things go wrong I fish out good things from elsewhere and import them in my life. So after years of continuous self training (read 14 years in clutches of ghouls and fiends) I have finally created a life (mindset) that will most probably be quite happy for the rest of its stay in earth, I wonder if anything less than an avalanche will be able to wipe out that Cheshire cat smile from my heart’s lip. 🙂

I wish I have been this casual years back, I was really sensitive and used to fret over small things, ruining greater happiness, I have become opposite now, and am glad that I have!



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